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SOBAH Special Release Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale

Product image 1SOBAH Special Release Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale
Product image 2SOBAH Special Release Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale

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A light, sour and aromatic gluten-free brew, this special release is sure to quench thirsts. An earthy aroma with musk and a touch of sweetness, the taste of Davidson plum is tart with some sourness and a slight bitterness.  Available only in 4-packs and 12-packs, grab them while they last!

Please note that while test results for gluten are NIL and therefore well below the safe level for people with an intolerance or allergy, the beer is made in a brewery where other grains and yeasts are used. We do what we can to ensure there is no cross-contamination. Every batch is lab tested for traces of gluten prior to selling.

 Only 6gms sugar per serve! (mostly fructose/fructans from natural sources)

 Piquant. Vibrant. Tart.

Less than 0.5% ABV


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