Sobah Brewery based at Burleigh Heads Queensland Australia making non-alcoholic craft beer


Sobah is a First Nations owned, family business making considerate decisions now, so that our team, our community, and the environment, is cared for well into the future.

We measure our worth by the
impact we have made and will continue to make in our community and our country.

Our real passion is in wellbeing and in this space we will grow to support organisations and strategies that are working in ways to help people and communities HEAL. We aim to help create spaces for traditional, spiritual and culturally influenced choices and healing opportunities outside the reliance on government funding and control.

We support the deadly (awesome) work of Preston Campbell Foundation, The Wayne Weaver Foundation, Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH), Half Cut Org, the Sea Women of the Great Barrier Reef program by the Coral Sea Foundation, and other initiatives surrounding the space of healing people and place.

Sobah NonAlcoholic Craft Beer Tropical Lager 4-pack

Sustainability and climate change

As a First Nations owned and led business, Indigenous science and knowledge and respect for our country and our natural world is part of our DNA.

That’s why Sobah seeks to operate sustainably and we put the protection of our natural world at the heart of everything we do. We’re not perfect, but we are totally committed and excited to be on a journey that starts with assessing our impact and setting targets. And as part of that, right now we’re working on a plan to make our new brewery and operations zero carbon. That means we’re looking at how to minimise our carbon emissions and environmental impact in the build and in the technologies and approaches we use to create, brew and pack our non-alcoholic craft beers.

B Corp certification

Founded for purpose, Sobah is excited to be on the journey to become a certified B Corp, joining an international community of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

As a B Corp we’ll be committed to making incremental improvements and we’ll use the B Corp Impact Assessment framework to measure our progress and share how we’re doing with our employees, our customers and our communities.

Sobah Lemon Aspen Pilsner Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer 2024 range

First Nations owned and led

As a First Nations owned and led non-alcoholic beer company, we seek to promote Aboriginal arts, language, history and culture in everything we do, from our delicious non-alcoholic craft beers brewed with native ingredients to our story and our mission.

Founded by Gamilaraay man and psychologist, Dr Clinton Schultz, we’re driven by the philosophies of Gamilaraay Lore ‘dhiriya Gamil’. That means we start from a position of respecting people, place and the environment; understanding our connections and working towards fulfilling our responsibilities to such; and engaging in positive reciprocity.

Sobah recognises all First Nations Peoples of Australia and acknowledges the diversity in language groups, origins and the ‘Dreaming’. We are considerate in sourcing our ingredients and knowledge and strive to engage in the most appropriate and ethical ways possible with First Nations peoples, communities and organisations.

Sobah non-alcoholic craft beer Australian bush tucker brews on ice

Health and wellbeing

Sobah supports organisations working to help people and communities heal. We actively in supporting strategies that promote mindful drinking and sobriety, as well as healthy living.

We believe that healing is a right; a right that should come with viable and effective choices. That’s why we want to help create spaces for traditional, spiritual and culturally influenced choices and healing opportunities that don’t rely on government funding, influence or control.

Sobah supports the deadly (awesome) work organisations and programs at grass roots level that have a positive impact on healing their communities.

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