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SOBAH Special Release Boab + Wild Ginger Lager

Product image 1SOBAH Special Release Boab + Wild Ginger Lager
Product image 2SOBAH Special Release Boab + Wild Ginger Lager
Product image 3SOBAH Special Release Boab + Wild Ginger Lager

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(Due to the lack of availability of ginger at present, we are unable to brew this beer until further notice)

Last Summer's popular non-alcoholic craft ginger beer is back with extra ginger zing! Very refreshing with the zingy undertone of ginger and aromatic hops, the boab nut pulp, rich in Vit C, gives the brew a slight syrupy texture and a light citrusy taste. The striking Australian boab tree is only found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Known traditionally as 'larrkardiy' these ancient trees are sacred and should always treated with respect. The nuts, leaves and roots have been a nutritious food source for many millennia.


 Golden. Hazy. Zingy.

Less than 0.5% ABV

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