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Sobah is committed to making premium quality, uniquely flavoured, small batch brewed non-alcoholic craft beer. We are pleased to offer special and limited release brews seasonally that hero bush tucker from various corners of Australia. Due to popular demand, we have relaunched Davidson Plum GF Ale to become a regular member of the beer family. Here is the story behind these fantastic brews. Sign up to our newsletter to keep posted for our new releases!


Sobah Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer special release limited edition

In the 2019/2020 Summer, Sobah released our first seasonal brews created by popular demand and set to quench thirsts throughout the hotter months! The first of the two brews was developed and soft launched in November 2018, but was finally released ahead of Woodford Folk Festival in 2019. The second was a completely new and un-trialled brew - we took a punt and you love it!


Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale - Piquant. Vibrant. Tart.

Sobah Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Davidson Plum Gluten Free Ale

We heard you! And we have delivered. Yes, Sobah offers a gluten-free non-alcoholic craft beer. It's vibrant, tart and thirst-quenching. If you don't know the meaning of the French word 'piquant', click here. We couldn't find a better descriptor for this lightly refreshing yet sour gluten-free ale. "Sharp and stimulating to the mind or the senses", and an earthy aroma with musk and a touch of sweetness, the taste of the Australian native Davidson Plum is tart with some sourness and a slight bitterness. It lends a floral aroma to the brew that slaps you in the face on first sip, but leaves you coming back for more. The Davidson Plum naturally occurs in subtropical regions of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Also known as 'Ooray' or by it's First Nations names: Wuray (Jirrbal, Yidin), Wiraa (Ngadjan), Munumba (Djabugay) and Jirirr (Kuku Yalanji).

Gluten free beer 

Ingredients: filtered water, sorghum, hops, malt, cloudy apple juice, Davidson Plum, yeast

NOTE: If you have celiac disease, please exercise caution. While we take steps necessary to avoid cross-contamination, our brews are made in breweries that make standard barley based beers. 


Wattleseed Gold - Smooth. Fragrant. Earthy. 
Here at Sobah, we don't do 'normal'. We hero bush tucker ingredients across our range of crafty NA brews, giving each beer a unique story and flavour profile like no other. Variety is the spice of life! Our latest release (Dec, 2020) is a savoury brew based on an Australian classic paired with roasted wattleseed.
About the bush tucker - There are many varieties of Australian wattle, a dietary staple for Aboriginal Peoples for over 40,000 years providing a valuable source of protein and carbohydrate in times of drought, as well as rich source of bush medicine. Occupying vast areas of the continent, the wattle is known by many traditional names: ‘mulga’, ‘brigalow’, ‘gidgee’, as well as ‘muyan’ by the Wurundjeri Peoples of VIC and ‘barranbaa’ or ‘burri’ by the Gamilaraay Peoples of NSW. Wattleseed has a savoury nutty, roasted coffee aroma, with touches of sweet spice, raisins and chocolate.
About the artwork - You will often find Guluu (magpie) nesting in wattle trees.  Guluu face many challenges and through these have had to learn where to place their focus and energy.  People, and many birds and animals, find magpie eggs a delicacy so Guluu often lose several eggs from each lay.  Guluu has had to learn to accept this loss but is then fiercely protective of the chicks it hatches.  Hence why Guluu attack anyone who comes too close to the nest.  We need to be mindful of what we take from Guluu so that they can continue to exist.  We can further learn from Guluu that we should focus our energy on fiercely protecting our families and our mob that are with us while having to accept loss and/or failures in life. If we get stuck in the sorrow and pain of these losses, we can't protect what remains. The artwork for this label was created by Dr Clinton Schultz, a Gamilaraay man and founder of Sobah Beverages.
Ingredients: filtered water, barley, hops, malt, wattleseed, yeast
Aniseed Myrtle Stout - Rich. Warming. Licoricy.
(Batch release April 2021) Sobah's first dark ale is an Aussie twist on an English classic, first released for winter 2020. A traditional stout that is grainy, carrying hints of coffee, chocolate and molasses with little hop notes, this brew is paired perfectly with Australian native 'spice' aniseed myrtle that amplifies the licorice flavours. Pour this one into a cold glass for the full experience! It's silky, creamy, aromatic to the nose and tingling on the tongue. According to reviews this beer is like "eating a bag of Licorice Allsorts, without the headache." Aniseed myrtle naturally occurs in the rainforest regions of NSW north coast, the lands of the Gumbaynggirr People and has been an important medicinal plant used for stomach ailments for thousands of years. Made in small batches at Tweed Heads, this brew is rich and full of warmth. 
Ingredients: filtered water, barley, hops, malt, aniseed myrtle, yeast

Boab + Wild Ginger Lager - Golden. Hazy. Zingy. 

Sobah Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Boab Ginger Beer
(Currently out of stock) While a ginger beer has been another brew of popular demand, we came upon the idea for this brew after reading about a man from the Kimberley who was making boab pulp and ginger syrup for beers in Western Australia, yet Robert Dan doesn't drink alcohol so he couldn't enjoy them. We have got him covered! The striking Australian boab tree is only found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, with some trees as old as 1500 years or more making them the oldest living beings in Australia.  Known traditionally by First Nations peoples from the Kimberley region as 'larrkardiy' these ancient trees are sacred and should always be treated with respect. The nuts, leaves and roots have been a nutritious food source for many millennia. The powdered nut pulp, rich in Vit C, gives the brew a syrupy texture and a citrusy taste, with an undertone of zingy ginger and aromatic hops.

Ingredients: filtered water, barley, hops, malt, boab nut pulp, wild ginger, yeast 
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