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SOBAH Sampler Box

Product image 1SOBAH Sampler Box
Product image 2SOBAH Sampler Box

Regular price $18.00

4 cans of Sobah's best-selling non-alcoholic craft beers all in one pack!

If you’ve never tried our non-alcoholic craft beers, grab this 4-pack to sample our most popular brews.

Pack includes:

1x Lemon Aspen Pilsner 330ml can

  • A light, fruity beer from the grapefruit and lychee flavour notes of the native fruit infused within it. Based on a Czech pale ale, this brew is fresh and citrusy with a distinct hop aroma and flavour. Perfect with any light meal!

1x Finger Lime Cerveza 330ml can

  • The Mexican style brew is light, zesty, tangy and hoppy against a sweet yet nutty backdrop. It's a smashable brew for warm weather or after a sweat session!

1x Pepperberry IPA 330ml can

  • The distinctive hoppy, citrusy characteristics of pale ales are amplified in an India Pale Ale (IPA). This bold brew has an extra ‘hot and spicy’ kick. It's a beer lovers beer!

1x Special Release Beer (style subject to availability) 330ml can

  • A mystery addition! One of our special, seasonal or limited release brews. 

Valued at $20 

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