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Sobah Life Podcast 

Sobah Life Podcast is about the various journeys different people take in life and how they have overcome difficult challenges that have helped them grow and do better. Showcasing the perspectives of Australian First Nations peoples through the views of Dr Clinton Schultz, a strong proud Gamilaraay man and psychologist, the yarns encompass the lived experiences of people of diverse backgrounds, while promoting resilience and healthy lifestyle choices. Clinton's guests, either high profile or regular everyday people, will blow your mind with the stories they have to share. 

Sobah Life Podcast is a must-listen - it's not just educational, it's inspirational and empowering. 

Scroll down to listen or head to Sobah Life Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts , or where all good podcasts care found.

Sobah Life Podcast Dr Clinton Schultz
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